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Did you know?

You may be eligible for tax deductions under the new TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENT BOOST!

Did you know your digital transformation investments may be eligible for the new Australian Government Technology Investment Boost! To help businesses like yours to invest more in digital capability, the government is offering tax relief of $1 billion. Your new cloud hosted unified communications system is potentially eligible expenditure.

If your annual turnover is less than $50 million you could claim a bonus 20% deduction on the cost of expenses and depreciating assets of up to $100,000 per year - including on subscriptions to cloud-based services, like 3CX.

The boost will apply to expenditure incurred from 29 March 2022 until 30 June 2023.

Small, medium or large?

Let us upsize you!


At SIMPLESIP we consider our small business clients to be VIPs.

So we don't offer discounts to bigger clients, as that doesn't seem fair.

We want to work with you over the years to come and help you grow.

In our opinion, EVERY business needs a phone system that is:

  • Modern
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Reliable &
  • Integrated


Reward and retain your clients and your staff!


We will make it simple for you to upgrade your capabilities, and benefit from a full
featured 3CX unified communications solution.

The right tools help your business be:

  • Responsive
  • Efficient
  • Communicative
  • Collaborative
  • Quality-assured

Let us save you money - every month!


At SIMPLESIP we offer:

  • Affordable per user licensing
  • All timed calls only 10c per minute
  • No lock in contracts
  • Free set up
  • Free standard business number porting
  • Optional smart number provisioning
  • Customised phone bills

Can't afford a new phone system just yet?


Don't worry, you can still sign up with SIMPLESIP and benefit from our great call rates. That will help free up your budget for an upgrade when you need one!

Just select our ‘Vanilla SIP’ option.

We will switch just your phone billing to Cloud Earth SIP trunks and you can keep using your existing IP phones.

When you're ready we will be there to help you upgrade your phones. Remember that with Vanilla SIP you can start saving straight away, there are no lock in contracts and we offer free onboarding too.

It's that simple to switch to SIMPLESIP!

It's so breezy easy with SIMPLESIP

Free onboarding

Free set up.

Free porting.

Free training.

Put your feet up.

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Top call rates

Market leading rates.

Transparent pricing.

Ongoing savings.

Envisage mountains of savings ahead.

Man takes in alpine view

Call from anywhere




Take a deep breath, and relax.

Woman on phone in the pool

Affordable devices

Desk phones.



We take the 'hard' out of hardware.


SIMPLESIP monthly subscription

Vanilla SIP Simple Business Simple Centre Simple Speak Phone Alone
Simple monthly charges
$ 10
per line

$ 15
per user

$ 20
per user

$ 35
per user

$ 20
per user
Certified 3CX SIP Trunks
We supply your SIP trunks, great call rates and customised call billing
Hosted 3CX phone system
Cloud-hosted, enterprise grade, full-featured phone system (or you can host on premises if you prefer)
Just 10c/min for timed national calls
Both outbound mobile calls and inbound 13/1300/1800 calls are timed. All are charged at a simple flat fee of 10c/min. Note that international calls are charged as per our international rates card.
PAYG phone calls
Pay only for the calls you make at our transparent, affordable Simple Call Rates (see below).
Includes local & mobile call charges
Includes all local/national/mobile calls (subject to reasonable use, as per our Fair & Simple fair usage policy). Note that inbound 13/1300/1800 calls and international calls are charged extra on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Suitable for contact centres
You can also buy a mixture of our PAYG Call Centre and Business Plans for different users.
Low cost number rental
Low cost number rental fees: Business numbers only $1/month, 1300/1800 numbers only $10/month, 13 numbers are $600/month (due to government charges).
BYO devices available
We can recommend/supply some great products from leading brands at excellent prices, or you can use any compatible IP phones that you may already have.
Free onboarding & cancellation
Free business number porting
Port your existing business numbers, or we can supply new ones. Note that porting 13/1300/1800 costs $50.
Free 24/7 support
Technical support services are included with the following exceptions. If you choose 'Vanilla SIP' we can provide support for your SIP trunks only (not the BYO phone system). More complex support and/or training requests are charged at our $150/hour professional service rates. Just ask us for a quote!
No lock in contracts
We are so confident you'll love the quality of our services we don't need lock in contracts. This keeps onboarding quick and simple. If you do want a 12 month or more contract we can of course arrange that for you.
Professional services only $150/hour
With the intuitive 3CX online portal, online training resources and our helpful 24/7 support team you can easily configure your own call groups, interactive voice response and call flows. If you need extra help or want us to deliver customised end user training we can also supply this at our affordable $150/hour professional service rates.
Customised phone bills
We can offer you customised billing - e.g. by team or cost centre. This means your phone call costs are subtotalled to meet your requirements. Your accountants will simply love this feature and it is one you'll probably find your current providers don't offer.
  Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy

SIMPLESIP call rates


Simple, transparent call pricing

Compare our rates with what you're paying now.


Untimed calls (flagfall)



13 numbers


18 numbers 



Timed calls (per minute*)

13/18 numbers  






* Billed per second. ^ Rates available on request.

Inbound  Outbound




Simple, low-cost configuration




Basic onboarding & system configuration


Standard business number porting


13/18 number porting or connection*


13/18 number registration*^

from $250

Complex or special requirements*^

$150 per hour

* Optional ^ Ask us for a quote.



Standard business numbers


Standard business 10-number range


Standard business 100-number range


1300/1800 numbers*


13 XXXX numbers*^


* Optional ^ Due to government charges


SIMPLESIP flagship products

Your new 3CX unified communications solution will empower your teams

3CX_logo on white


Mobility from anywhere


Cloud-hosted (recommended) or on premises

Android & iOS compatibility

Web and Windows communications client

Corporate chat

Browser based video conferencing for all users

All included at no extra charge!


Advanced customer service functions


Call queues, interactive voice response (IVR)

Advanced call reporting

Integration with leading client relationship management apps

Contact centre (including live website customer service chat)

Facebook message response

Send professional business texts

Agent training tools including listen-in, whisper, and barge

SIMPLESIP hard easyware





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